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Transfer Victoria 4/Michael 4/Kids 4 Figures and Morphs to Genesis

Sometimes I need convert V4/M4/K4 head morphs or body morphs to DAZ Genesis. There are no free solution for this. However we can get the job done [...]

Qt Application with Windows 7, Windows 8 Administrator Permission

Add this in your project.pro file. win32: QMAKE_LFLAGS += /MANIFESTUAC:"level='requireAdministrator'uiAccess='false'"

Fix Woocommerce 2.0 css error in Yoothemes' Big Easy WordPress Theme

Woocommerce 2.0 is a great upgrade, but I got css layout error on my Yoothemes Big Easy theme. According Woothemes Theme Integration Guide, I add [...]

Use GraphicsMagick Read, Write Image Files with UTF-8 Path

The well-known image library GraphicsMagick even its Magick++ API doesn't support UTF-8 path. So we cannot use it read or write images with UTF-8 [...]

Add Extra Data on QListWidgetItem with its setData

QListWidget Rocks QListWidget is well suited for task list visualization. I use this widget in some of my converter projects. Extra Data However, I [...]

PSD to JPG Free Batch Converter

Convert psd to jpg is a necessary job for me. I have hundreds of psd files needed to be converted to jpg. So I developed this software, 123 Jpeg [...]

Save Photoshop PSD Layers as PNG Files

Photoshop Layers If you are a Photoshop addict just like me, you probably need to convert Photoshop layers to png or other transparent image formats. [...]

Export PSD Layers to Windows .ico File

Super Layer is well known as a Photoshop psd layers export program. However, very few know that it's possible to create .ico file from Photoshop psd [...]

How to Export Photoshop PSD Layers to JPG Images

By using Super Layer, you can quickly and easily export Adobe Photoshop PSD layers to .jpg images. Just open a PSD file, Right-click on the layer [...]

Adobe's One Day Deal for Lightroom 4 and Photoshop & Premiere Elements Bundle

Adobe Deals Adobe just announces a new deal that will be available on February 18, 2013. North America users can get $30 off Lightroom 4 full version [...]